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  • If you’ve always wanted to explore your family history, but don’t know where to start
  • If you have a box of random documents and want to organise this into a professional family tree
  • If you’ve hit a brick wall with your family tree and need some help
  • If you’ve just done, or are planning to do a DNA test and need advice or want to figure out what to do with all your DNA matches

Family History & Genetic Genealogy

Not Quite Royalty

What if you were expecting to find royalty, but instead found your ancestors were in trouble with the law?    You can still follow them through over 5 million records

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Who Do You Think You Are ?

Just as in the TV series, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, you can discover your own ancestry, and discover the history of your family through tracing historical records, that

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London in 1898

In the Charles Booth Archive, there is a map of London drawn in 1898 which highlights the extent of poverty in London. Charles Booth accompanied police officers on a tour

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DNA Clusters

Analysing your DNA matches

This is a cool way to investigate your DNA matches. Each of the dots represents one DNA match with the tester (and the bigger the dot, the closer the match),

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