Family Tree Brick Wall Pack

Brick Wall Pack Inclusions

The brick wall pack is designed for those who have an existing tree, but have encountered a puzzle they cant solve, or else have some gaps in their tree which they would like to fill. In the fan chart below, we can see 2 sets of missing great grandparents. As more and more online records become available, there is a chance that they appeared somewhere in a census, land deal, court case or even some newly scanned birth, baptism, marriage or death records as these sources are being added to every day. We will create an individual timeline and family group chart for people closest to your missing relatives and then perform a search in multiple subscription online databases (eg. Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch as well as American, Canadian, British & Australian Newspapers. We can’t guarantee we will be able to find anything as some people do not leave any paper trail behind them, which is why our fee structure is based on an initial $50 for planning, and then you only pay for people we find. ($50 per new ancestor found). If we are able to break through your brick wall, we will contact you to agree on any extension of the research before we proceed further. You can choose to take over, or request us to continue exploring beyond the wall! If we need to order a document that is not available online from one of the archives or repositories, we will discuss this with you first, as this may incur an additional cost (we will not add any markup).

Anything we find will be organised and saved in the same way as for the starter / continuers pack.

Cost per person researched
AUD50 – approx: USD39 / GBP28 / ZAR580 / EUR32