Dudley Charles Wall

Is there more than one Dudley Charles Wall?

For this weeks 52 ancestors in 52 weeks challenge, I reviewed a curious record of 2 Dudley Charles Wall’s – One in Canada, and one in the USA …. could they be the same person? It seems feasible that they are both records of the same person, born in England in 1875, who may have migrated to Canada in 1903, and later moved to the USA in 1915, however newspaper articles and obituaries make no mention of his time in Canada, or the family he left behind….. Or maybe they are 2 separate people who happened to have the same name and left England at about the same time?

George WRC KENT - MyHEritage enhanced photo

Technicolour grandparents

The theme for this weeks 52 ancestors in 52 weeks challenge is ‘Favourite Photos’. I decided to use the opportunity to find photos of my grandparents, who I never met as they had passed away by the time I was born. I thought I would also try out MyHeritage’s new Photo enhancing and colourising technology …. and the results were amazing!