Chromosome Segment Pack

Included in the DNA Segment Analysis Pack is:
  • Advanced analysis of DNA matches at chromosome segment level
  • DNA raw data download and transfer to additional sites for chromosome segment analysis
  • Creation and setup of Genome DNA Analysis Tool (GDAT)
  • Upload of Chromosome segment data to GDAT and DNA Painter


The Chromosome Segment Analysis Pack is an advanced analysis of DNA matches at chromosome segment level.   This can be used to explore unclear relationships in your family tree, or track down unknown relatives (eg. for adoptees, foundlings or when searching for an unknown parent).    In order to do this research, it is an advantage to have additional family members tested (ideally from both maternal and paternal sides) so that we can classify your DNA matches.   Alternatively, if you recognise some of your matches, and can identify them on your family tree, this may be enough to proceed.